Best Paid Surveys Online

(see bottom of this page for my personal recommendations)

Did you know that you can actually earn money doing free paid surveys online?

If you are a mom who is new to making money online, getting paid to take surveys is a good place to get your feet wet. This is because surveys are easy, cost nothing to sign up, and can be done in short time spans (like while the kids are napping). Normally it take around ten to twenty minutes to complete a survey. But be warned – you won’t get paid much to do surveys online. Consider it an easy way to make some fun money here and there.

In order to get paid to do surveys, you will need to know where to find the best survey-hosting sites. At the bottom of this article I will share some of my favorite survey sites to help you get started. There are a lot of duds out there that you want to avoid.

Additionally it is helpful to recognize which survey sites can pay out the real money. If you really want to get paid to do survey, then the first step to do is to differentiate the real one from scams.

Avoid any survey site that does the following:

•Requires you to pay a membership fee
•Guarantees you a set income
•Does not make clear how you’ll be rewarded for your participation
•Asks for more personal information then is necessary
•Does not have a privacy policy or obvious contact information

To locate reliable and legitimate paid survey websites, you could either do a research online or ask around at blogs and forums that deal with this topic. To increase your success, it really is a good suggestion to enroll in several companies/ websites. The reason for this is that good companies usually have only a handful of surveys each week. So it is a good idea to enroll with several reliable companies to ensure there are always surveys to complete.

Again, you  need to understand that you cannot expect to generate a full time income from paid surveys. Once in awhile you will hear a story about some who makes a good deal of money just off surveys, but this is extremely rare if even true at all. But if you are a stay at home mom and have some time each day to take a few online surveys, you could certainly earn an extra $100 per month to buy something special.

It is not very difficult to do surveys online, just follow the links in the email invitations. There are also some surveys where you have to take part in focus groups within your community area or  take a survey over the phone. Both pay more than the online surveys as they consume more time but they are also available much less frequently.

Here are my top picks for free paid surveys. I have earned money from each of these sites:

American Consumer Opinion Panel – sign up here

CashCrate – sign up here

Survey Savvy – sign up here

Mindfield Online – sign up here

All of these sites pay out in cash which I prefer over rewards.

I also like Swagbucks, where you can earn points just by searching through their site. I cash out for Amazon gift cards which come in handy at Christmas time.

If you really want to give paid surveys a go make sure you check your email at least daily for new surveys. Some surveys will only be available to a set amount of people and can fill up quickly. I also recommend you fill out your profile on each site as this usually helps qualify you for more surveys. And if you find a survey company you really like don’t forget to tell your friends. Many of these surveys provide a small referral bonus for sharing.