Get Paid to Fill Out Surveys

Are you looking for legitimate work from home opportunities online? Then you are not alone. The worldwide spread of the internet, ever changing job markets, and tough economic times has resulted in waves of people coming online looking for ways to make some extra cash or to work at home full-time.

Finding Legitimate Paid Surveys

Getting paid to fill out surveys is a work from home opportunity that you will often see advertised. These opportunities exist because many companies will pay to capture the opinions of consumers who fill out surveys to list their preferences or purchasing patterns. Some companies will also pay to obtain consumer email addresses. Usually these online paid surveys are accessed through a third party network that will send you links by email to new surveys to fill out. Each survey you complete will earn you cash or points. Once you have accumulated enough cash or points, you will be paid out by check or in rewards.

Most of the offers to fill out surveys are legitimate, but you need to understand how much you will earn per survey and how much you need to earn before receiving a payout. You want to be sure to sign up only for free paid surveys and be wary of survey sites that require you to pay to join or to pay for access to a list of survey networks. These sites may be legit and useful, but it could take you some time to earn back what you have already invested.

There are many websites which are free to join and where you can earn money doing surveys. Since there is no upfront fee, these free survey sites are usually safe from scams. Plus, with free memberships you have nothing to lose except your own time, so the effort may be worth a try to evaluate the potential for making some extra cash.

Paid to Click Opportunities

There are also online sites that will pay you to read emails or click on advertisements. The individual earnings are small – only a fraction of a cent for each click. The money can add up over time, but don’t expect to earn much unless other people sign up under you. When you refer other people to the site through your own affiliate link, you will earn a small commission on their activity as well as your own.

In general, getting paid to fill out surveys is most profitable if you live in the United States. The majority of the survey companies will only pay to a US bank account or residential address. If you live in other English-speaking countries (UK, Canada, Australia) you may be able to find similar paid survey opportunities, but they may not pay as well. If you live in a non-English-speaking country you are unlikely to find much at all.

One of the big advantages of searching for a work from home opportunity online is the existence of internet forums where people share their experiences with particular work at home companies. Try searching for “work at home forum” or “work from home moms”. At these forums you can evaluate any paid survey offers you have found to determine if they are legitimate opportunities. You may also find other helpful ideas for working from home.

Be warned, you won’t make a lot of money filling out online surveys. But you can make an extra $50 to $100 each month if you keep at it. If you are new to earning money online then surveys are a good place to start to earn a few extra bucks and build up some motivation. It is amazing how exciting it can be to earn your first online $1 but the novelty will eventually wear off and you will need to find some more substantial earning opportunities.

If paid surveys sounds interesting, I have a list of recommended survey sites which will help you get started.