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I was always that person who liked going into depth of all the stuff which I’m about to use or which is going to affect me in one or the other way. This is what I did just a week back when I visited a doctor who was recommended to me by a friend as I was having severe acne face making my skin look dull and unfresh. This was also the reason which made me appear quite of age though I was not of that age. Princess Filler was something which has been the prescribed product for the pimples and this was something made me visit the doctor.


The doctor provided me with the exact information I was there for. He told me about the ingredients and products forming this injectable. The amazing effect of hyaluronic acid and collagen which is the perfect thing for keeping the skin all uptight and firm is part of the product. Princess Filler also promises to give tighten skin and improve elasticity after the treatment.

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The doctor discussed the whole process with me that how will be Princess Filler injected and what will be the effect. He mentioned:

  • The process takes very short duration when it is performed. Hardly 15 min and extending to 30 min is the duration of the procedure.
  • The injectable is injected under the skin layer which holds fatty layer and if the pigmentation increases then there are chances of this fatty acid dissolving. This is the reason little potion is injected slowly under the skin.
  • The result is immediately visible as this makes sure that what is injected is the perfect product and have effective outcome.
  • There are chances of few side effects which are very rarely noticed in people who are injected with the product. Swelling and bruising are most common ones but they do subside within a week time period letting people enjoy the refreshed look they crave for.

After listening to the doctor I was now all decisive that this is the right thing for me to go for in making my skin look all revitalized and youthful. Though the procedure keeps on showing the results for 12 to 24 months and once the signs starts deteriorating then again it can be injected.

Just yesterday I got the procedure done and I am so happy that my skin was lucky enough not to get any side effects and I am enjoying the perfect look with few precautions I was instructed by my doctor. I would recommend this product to all those ladies out there who are facing acne and wrinkle issues as this will definitely resolve your query and bring forth the positive result.

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